Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Policy Project

Public Policy in the United States has been one that has shaped societal norms and efficiencies since the inception of this nation. It's a sad testament to see that the policies we have instituted over generations, decades and centuries has created institutions that lack the capacity and the desire to help the millions of Americans today who live in a society where the rich prosper and the poor are all but forgotten.

I've created this blog to shed light on the many inefficiencies of current policy and agenda makers, who have failed to create a nation-state in which the welfare of the people is of the utmost importance. We've reached a momentous time in history in which we have seen a black president elected to office, mass globalization and technology have made the world more interconnected than ever (think of all the social movements started by social media!), and the devastating effects of terrorism around the world.

Without a solid foundation upon which to build our society, the American government is an amalgamation of liberal and conservative entities who refuse to come to a consensus. With lack of better judgment we're seeing social inequality grow, social mobility decrease and what looks like a descent into impending social upheaval!

The picture below shows the profit-hungry nature of current U.S. policy:

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